Little Diamonds

Parent/Carer Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for the ‘potential opening’ of the nursery on Saturdays. We would appreciate your views/response feedback.

We would like your feedback if we were to open weekends. The Activities will be combined with real life experiences such as, Cooking Activities, Baking and Forest School Activities. We will amalgamate STEM Education and Extra-Curricular Learning needs such as English through Books with Props for our children with English as Additional Language.

During the Forest School sessions, our children will have heaps of fun! They will gain opportunities to take part in a variety of activities such as building dens, tying knots, learning to use tools safely, cooking on an open fire with the Level 3 Forest School Leaders, Sophie and Karrien who will supervise as trained Forest School Leader. The Forest School Approach is similarto the Italian Reggio Emilia Approach which is already Karrien’s ethos and a huge part of her skills and training in Italy around 2003 for a month’s intense training. Utilising natural resources (not plastic) research demonstrates that children develop new skills, become self-confident and they develop their resilience and a healthy sense of wellbeing.

‘STEM education’ stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Arguably, these are the most important subjects in real life. As you know our world depends on these areas of llearning; our economy, our general well-being is all linked to development in science, technology, engineering, and maths.

During the STEM sessions our children will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities such as science experiments, we will work as a team to create ideas and implement them through engineering, problem solving. Baking and cooking activities support math development, our children will measure ingredients, develop their self-help skills through having these opportunities preparing our food, such as chopping vegetables to make the soup and fruit salads, kneading dough to bake bread, making fruit smoothies and much more, all whilst having fun and understanding the importance of healthy eating.  The children will also take part in various messy play and creative activities such as ‘sculpturing with clay, paper mâché.’

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