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Little Diamonds received their latest Ofsted Inspection visit from the (Office in Standards and Education) in 2018 and subsequently they have been presented with an overall ‘Good’ with elements of ‘Outstanding’!

Within the setting, we guide and nurture our children with a great deal of value, care and respect and we are all continually committed to this.

 Quotes from the latest OFSTED Report on 14/12/2017

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“The Manager and staff are all passionate about creating an environment where the children can grow and develop in their own individual ways.”

“All staff demonstrate a consistently respectful and calm manner, and this makes a strong contribution to children's good behaviour.”

“Staff spend a great deal of time getting to know the children and use this information to plan activities that cater to each child's individual needs and interests. The curriculum is ambitious and well thought out.”

“Staff are extremely well trained and knowledgeable with regards to their roles and responsibilities in keeping children safe.”

“Staff read stories with enthusiasm and passion. They use this activity to extend children's learning in a range of ways.”

“Partnerships with parents are good. Parents speak highly of the staff and the care they provide. Staff hold meetings with parents to share children's progress and development.”

“The setting's curriculum places great emphasis on children's personal and emotional development.”

Quotes from OFSTED Report on 16/10/2018

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“Babies and young children settle quickly into the nursery. They form close attachments to staff and this helps them to feel safe and secure.”

“Staff build good partnerships with parents and encourage their involvement in their children's learning. They carry out early assessments of children's development with parents, including a progress check for two-year-old children.”

“Children make good progress in their learning and development. Staff understand how children learn and provide interesting and challenging activities and experiences that motivate them to learn and stimulate their curiosity.”

“Managers and staff evaluate the effectiveness of their practice and the activities provided for children. They seek the views of parents, children and other professionals, and set themselves clear targets for improvements.”

“Children enjoy their learning. Staff provide many different opportunities for children to develop a good range of skills.”

“Leaders manage the nursery effectively. Staff say they feel supported and are happy in their roles.”

“Safeguarding is effective. Staff receive regular training in safeguarding and this provides them with the knowledge they need to effectively protect the children in their care.”

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