Little Diamonds

Policies and procedures

The company has a comprehensive range of policies and procedures to ensure our strict Safeguarding and ‘high quality’ care is followed by everyone.

Our policies cover areas of Health and Safety, Safeguarding, they are discussed in depth with individual staff in their five-week induction, these are constantly revisited.

We share all this information with  our parents during their initial meetings and throughout their child’s settling-in period.

By establishing clear boundaries  and expectations from both sides, according to the level of the child’s understanding, children will become aware of the routines and they will begin to understand what is expected of them.

Children have a lot to learn concerning behaviour and coping with all their quite different emotions and their environment in their first five years. The children in our settings are all at varying stages of development. We cherish this.

Copies of our company Policies such as Safeguarding Children, Equal Opportunities, Behaviour Management and many more are available to read at any time upon request. The physical environment must be safe, well organised and stimulating. All activities, resources and equipment are appropriate for the children’s ages and stages of development. When pertinent, children develop and progress best when they are given these opportunities to become involved in their own learning environment, we promote this.

An organised environment that provides plenty of well-planned and age appropriate activities will be a happy one. When children are actively included in positive play with adults, children are less likely to adopt inappropriate behaviour. Once expectations have been made clear for us all, children receive a consistent approach from the staff. They know what is expected of them and they are free to ‘learn and play’ in an organised and well-designed children’s nursery environment. The resources, including our staff team, help our children to develop in all areas of learning.


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