Little Diamonds


It is our company policy to involve children in all consultations when designing their own play spaces.

For example, we have a large outdoor space and we asked children what they would like to see in their outdoor area and we responded to their ideas.

The Physicality Vision Statement for our Outdoor Classroom

Physicality and movement are crucial for each child and the staff are there to support, encourage and challenge each child’s physical movements in order for them to progress and indulge in their personal interests.

Within our setting our staff team are committed to creating the culture for our routines, which harness and increase children’s physicality as well as their activity levels rather than restrict them. We offer long periods of time, space, to each child for them to access the outdoors to its full potential. Our children experience flexibility and opportunity to transport materials and resources in their surroundings.

We create well-defined areas enabling children the opportunity to have a movement-rich culture and an active learning environment. Children can explore and experiment with their bodies so that the necessary neuro-motor foundations are robustly constructed. Our outdoor experience offers unique underpinning, for proficient control, for their co-ordination and especially to build their confidence.

Staff demonstrate the key components of learning language, mathematical and scientific concepts. Creative thinking is achievable through ‘body fullness’ articulating their feelings and understanding sensations in their bodies including prioritising their breathing.

Active learning in a physically based curriculum involves lots of actions, doing, moving and whole-body use including every opportunity to dance, sing action-rhymes, enjoy and participate in music and games such as ‘Boing, Whoosh and Roly Poly.’ Play brings the world to life for children. We value children’s joy in movement with lots of FUN.

We also offer calm places for withdrawal, rest and regeneration.