Little Diamonds

Our Food Policy

We believe that well being and nutrition  promotes eating well (five a day) and we encourage 'Healthy Eating' within our setting through the Caroline Walker Trust approach  as this is crucial for the development of our children.

Healthy eating and physical activities for each individual is essential for proper growth and development in childhood.

We support all of our children to develop patterns of healthy eating from an early age, it is important that the food and eating patterns to which they are exposed to both at home and here at the nursery promote positive attitude to good nutrition and this will help them eat well for the rest of their lives.

We employ a qualified chef, who can meet individual needs and requirements. All of our food is home cooked on the premises daily. We use Halal meat and we do serve vegetarian meals. We are very proud to reassure our parents that their children receive food and snacks of the highest quality.

In all of our inspections by the Borough’s Environmental Health department, we have achieved Food Hygiene Rating Grade Good 5. We all take pride in our kitchen environment and the  hygiene so that we can ensure that the preparation of our food is closely monitored.

Eating Well - First Year of Life