Little Diamonds

Key Person

The Key Person is in a crucial position.

Research has shown that a Key Person approach is the most effective way of ensuring that children develop a strong relationship with a significant adult in the nursery.

The Key Person approach gives each and every child the reassurance to feel secure and cared for our staff will support each child to become familiar with our nursery environment and to feel confident and safe within it. Effective communication means there is a two-way flow of information, knowledge and expertise between parents and staff. This helps to plan future experiences and opportunities to build your child’s knowledge, skills and abilities.

We recognise every child’s individuality, efforts and achievements and we believe within our setting that relationships between adults and children are critical for the child’s happiness and security.

The Key Person meets the needs of each child in their care and responds sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviours. The Key Person will offer security, reassurance and continuity, and they will usually be the one to feed, change and soothe your child.

They are in the best position to understand your child’s individual needs and to share information with you about your child’s experiences in the nursery.

The Key Person will help each of their Key children to develop relationships with other members of the staff team and their peers.

They will observe and record them in their play so that they can plan future opportunities and experiences that best meet their individual needs and interests.