Little Diamonds

Environment & Facilities


Dining Room

In this room, the children can enjoy meals prepared on site by

our very own qualified chef. We ensure that these meals are

nutritionally balanced and very tasty! Children have  opportunity for cooking activities each day.


Next to the dining room, this kitchen is where our chef prepares

the meals and serves the children their food. A hatch allows the

kitchen to be separated from the dining room, preserving the children’s safety.

Big Hall

Enhances our children to enable lots of physical activities.

We use this large area for assemblies.

Computer Room

We teach the basics of using a computer early, so that

your child has a head start in this digital age!

Baby Room

This area is designed for the younger members of our group,
the age of the babies is 0-18 months of age.

There are appropriate resources to stimulate these youngsters

and we have many smiles, hugs and lots of fun as well!

Creative Area

Here is where we discover our budding artists and creative minds!

Our art and craft activities are designed to help your children

explore their own imagination and develop their own key skills.

Big Room

Our Big Room is a general play area.


Our outdoor area is safe and accommodates outdoor play equipment.

Children have the opportunity to play and work outside in all weathers 

and it is especially good in the summer!

Children’s Toilets

The children’s toilets are close to all of our settings areas

and they are separate from the main reception area.