Little Diamonds

Aims & Objectives


Little Diamonds Early Years Nursery provide a safe, secure, and healthy environment. We offer warmth for both the child/ren, our parent/carers and our staff team. When recruiting any new staff on to our team we pursue people who take a 'real interest' in each child’s learning. We ensure that they can promote challenging activities. We explain that the development of the child is carefully nurtured through 'fun' and staff understand the expectations of encouraging childrens 'learning through play.'

Our primary aim is to provide a firm foundation for a secure future for each and every child in order for them to become a 'unique, competent and confident learner from birth.' Every child deserves the best possible start in life as well as the support that enables them to fulfil their full potential. To achieve this, we strive to provide a Our primary aim is to provide a  happy, firm foundation to build a secure future for each and every child in order for them to become a 'unique, competent and confident learner' from, safe, stimulating and happy environment for children and highly qualified staff in order to become positive role models to support our children in our care to become confident, independent little people. Our team are always happy to help, listen and support. We see ourselves as an extension of the family unit.

Both our settings at “Little Diamonds” promote healthy eating,  home fresh cooked food with no salt, no sugar and culturally  diverse  whilst considering allergens and individual dietary requirements.   Our surroundings offer a wealth of stimulating resources to incoroporate the full EYFS Curriculum.

We employ highly qualified staff who are professional in their approach and whom wish to develop and grow in their careers. We seek reassurance from all of our staff team that they will endeavour to support our local families in our local community to develop strong partnerships between parent/carers and our service.

Little Diamonds operates strict ethics and promote diversity as well as equality of opportunities. – We continually challenge and address inequalities in our world faced by staff and the children who attend our nursery, therefore strengthening their families.



 Little Diamonds approach in ‘Learning through Play’ is based on the National Strategy for Early Education (EYFS). We look for trustworthy and reliable practitioners who will be committed to the development of the business. Practitioners must also be committed to continuous improvement through their own learning and development in order to work with ‘best practice’ in mind.

Our objective is that staff are qualified to work with our children and  communicate effectively with them to  enable them to thrive in their unique self-learning journey through a holistic approach.

The Director has been influenced by  various different approaches  to childcare learning. She trained and certified  in  the Regggio Emilia Approach which was held in Italy in 2003. The methodology which has always been introduced in Little Diamonds nursery educational programme.  She beleives that we play the role of co-learners in the classroom alongside the children. Practitioners are the 'guide and the resource.'  We provide resources  that are natural and 'real life.' The  activities  we offer are stimulating, meaningful and exciting, these  approaches are embedded within both our settings. Our nursery facilities provide our children with a homely environment.

We encourage work through play, 'play is meaningful.'

On the whole, we understand that parents are the child's first main educators in their life and we respect and value this and enhance all children's learning.