Little Diamonds

Quality Childcare

Here at Little Diamonds,  within our settings we aim to offer 'high quality' childcare using various strategies such as:

  • a thorough recruitment and selection process, observing, planning and recording your child’s progress through ‘Tracking.’ 
  • We believe that careful planning is required to ensure that the work and projects that children accomplish through their play at our nursery is of high regard and quality.
  • Observations of each child are evaluated and linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. This allows for each child’s individual development to be monitored and their progress recorded in their individual learning profiles.  A record of  each child’s interests, significant achievements and their development with us is  recorded and we encourage all of our parents to access their child’s journal at any time. It is this information that supports each Key Person to plan experiences that interest any future learning.

Communication: all of our staff team are supported with communicating to our parents - feedback  is crucial about each child’s day on a daily basis and this is achieved through an app that we share and celebrate all significant photographs and events.

Each interaction we build is based on a professional, caring, relationship. We offer respectful acknowledgement of your feelings and requests as the parent and those of your children.

We understand and promote that all children should partake in rich and stimulating experiences. To achieve this, as part of the planned EYFS Curriculum, children are encouraged to have regular opportunities such as ‘wow factor’ activities, including ‘cooking activities’. These activities involve preparing food, weighing, measuring, problem solving and cooking. We identify all manners of material and food products with our children.

The days of “one stir and pass it on!” are gone, we are happy to say. Within our setting we promote our children to measure, to count, to bake and cook recipes from the start until the process is finished. It’s not just about the pre-schoolers, as little ones from all over the nursery are able to be involved with our chef as well as learning about what happens in the kitchen, whether laying tables with the chef or designing faces on their pastry,  or making their own sandwiches and preparing their own fruit and vegetables.
We have Early Years cook books, specifically designed utensils that can cut food but cannot cut skin, everything they need for making wonderful treats to take home and share whilst the child develops their numeracy and literacy skills as well as learning all about healthy eating and sharing.