Little Diamonds

History of Cambridge Lodge

The nursery is sited in a 'locally listed ' building of original style and magnificent appearance within the London Borough of Redbridge.

  • A beautiful 19th Century Building- 1887 with Finials and Genus Draco on the roof
  • Previously a Residential Property with over 14 Rooms
  • Ofsted Registered
  • Renovated, Refurbished and Converted with full planning permission to a child's Early Years Nursery
  • Soft Conservation Scheme
  • Green Travel Plan
  • Slate Roof 
  • Solid Brick Construction 
  • We take pride as we are fortunate to have a  large outdoor garden/area for  children.
  • We have a 'Car Park' drop off zone at the side of the building for parents to drop-off and pick-up their children without any pressuring restrictions or hastle.
  • We have a purpose-made buggy stand for our parents to leave their prams/buggies safely and securely.
  • A unique selling point is that we have separate dining rooms for the children to eat, they do not eat, sleep, play in the same rooms.